Pascual Laboratories, Inc.

Pascual Lab Corporate Social Responsibility

The SEED Initiative

Planting Seeds to Empower Communities

An offshoot of PascualLab’s legacy of providing generations of Filipino families with excellent and innovative products that help improve their quality of life, PascualLab’s CSR Program stems from the heart. Each project, venture and collaboration is a sincere effort towards improving the health and/or wellbeing of the beneficiary – whether by health advocacy, green initiatives, or educational programs.

Beyond helping Filipino families improve their quality of life through its products, PascualLab’s CSR program enables the company to be a good corporate citizen by collaborating with communities towards transformation. We believe in planting beneficial seeds (donations, assistance, opportunities, and partnerships) that our “extended family members” can cultivate and grow into something valuable and sustaining. Whether by empowering our workforce through opportunities for volunteerism or equipping beneficiaries with the basics that inch them closer towards a better quality of life, our multi-faceted programs are interconnected to serve more than one key need. We give people access to the most basic things that may not be available to them but are essential for growth.

Through PascualLab’s CSR Program, the company exercises its duty as a good corporate citizen by contributing towards better health, better education, and better environmental practices – family by family, by embracing communities.

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